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Solve some of the problems in the jaw crusher machine
2015-09-25 / admin

Jaw crusher at some point in use, there will be some problems, then meet these problems how to? Jaw crusher fault machine itself will affect the jaw crusher machine work efficiency. Jaw crusher machine connecting rod, shaft and lining, the movable jaw, eccentric shaft is the main wear parts. In the process of production, should always observe the wear, timely repair or replacement of wear parts, should also pay attention to regular lubrication in the lubrication points.

Jaw crusher machine eccentric shaft rotation will also affect the jaw crusher production capacity. The eccentric shaft revolution broken jaw more quickly, in unit time and power consumption will increase. Will cause the crushing cavity has been crushing ore to discharge, thereby blocking. The production capacity is reduced greatly, also increased the load state of the machine. Jaw crusher crusher cavity depth and no dead zone, improve the feeding ability and yield. The big crushing ratio, uniform product size, is the best choice for users.

Flexible adjustment: The port of discharge system automatically adjusts the crusher control and overload protection. Meanwhile, the system can ensure optimum performance crusher friendly touch screen interface of the control system is easy to understand and operate. Realization of automatic compensation and liner wear crusher online fine-tuning. Just press the button to complete the adjustment.

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